Sunday, April 13, 2008

PROS and CONS of PDA's

The Pros and Cons of PDA's

1.Lets you carry appointments, contacts, tasks, and other personal data with you at all times.
2.Highly customizable with a wide range of third-party software and accessories.
3.CompactFlash and/or Secure Digital card slots let you add storage memory and peripheral hardware.
4.Persistent Storage featured in all Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. Data, programs and configuration are safe if battery dies.
5.Provides mobile entertainment with music, videos, games, eBooks, Web browsing, and more.
6. You can easily communicate with a PDA via its oversized interactive screen area, its special pen (the stylus) for touching that screen, and support of a few extra buttons at its bottom. A PDA often can recognize your hand writing.
7. Its ability to be connected and communicate with many other electronic devices, like a PC or digital camera.
8. With a PDA you can do a regular backup of your PDA held data onto your PC. So, security-wise, a PDA still beats paper systems.


1.Smaller screen than notebook PCs (not as easy to read).
2.Stylus data entry is suitable for limited text entry only.
3.Battery life is relatively limited and daily charging is recommended.